FBFC Permission Slip and Waiver

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FBFC Permission Slip and Waiver

All FBFC College and Life Exposure field trips require a permission slip and waiver. A hard copy may also be returned before the date of the event. To receive a hard copy send an email request to: coachque@fbfootballcamp.com .


I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant listed above and by signing this statement I give my consent and permission for my child to attend the People’s Community Church(PCC)/Fred Bohannon Football Camp(FBFC) trip to the event and location listed above. I understand that the participant will arrive and must be picked up at PCC at the time listed above.

PCC,FBFC, chaperones,volunteers, and drivers shall not be responible for injury, death, property damage or for any losses or damages incurred by any person or trip/event participant caused by any delay arising out of any act,including but not limited to an act of negligence of any person acting for or on behalf of any transportation provider or any person or entity rendering any services being offered in connection to this event.

PCC,FBFC, chaperones, volunteers and drivers shall not be responsible for other loss or damages caused by reason of any event beyond the control of said entities mentioned above.

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